Fusion of binary opposites forged us -Design of a non-earthly will albeit 

Preceded not by hallowed vows. 
Two gilded annuli sprinkled and symbolic 

Set you in merit supposedly apart from us,

Products of unsanctified congress.
Coincidentally, however, we are all

Begotten in sin and born in sin,

The Creator creates no difference there. 
The golden eye that shines on you 

Burns us not to cinders and ashes

Because it recognizes no otherness.
The dust below that holds you

Neither swallows nor sinks us like refuse

Because it knows we were all fashioned out of it. 
Feeling flesh, pulsing hearts, knowing minds –

Created alike, but conceived differently –

Some within, some without that hallowed shroud of wedlock. 
Creation, Conception, Consecration.

Who is he to question – he that willed not those three?

Who is mere mortal to question the “legitimacy” of the Maker’s makings? 

Who is man or woman to mete out wasted Marks of Cain? 


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Writer, editor, human being.

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