Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

We are prickly about disclosing to people how many years we have been living and breathing for, how much dough is doubled and stashed up in our wallets every month and what number the weighing scale shows us, but, are things like these really significant when there are issues about us out in the open that were better repressed within us?

Take for instance your fears and inhibitions, the reticent desires of your heart, the humiliation you were subject to and much more.

When someone asks you what’s on your mind, answer him with much caution- the way you would had he asked you how much is in your purse. No, I’m not suggesting giving him the cold-shoulder. I’m just recommending that you weigh on the scale of discernment what you tell him, how you tell him and how much.

Our complexities are not taken very kindly in this eon where understanding is as rare as freshwater and genuine care is scarcer than water in a desert. When our weak points are known and made manifest, then comes the opportune moment for the carnivore of exploitation to lunge for its unsuspecting prey that is not rendered dead, but is rather gravely injured at heart.

The problem is that in our moments of crisis, we are willing to pour out our hearts and minds to anyone who has ears to listen, regardless of whether their concern is genuine or as fake as artificial flowers. It’s something like waking up with a hangover after being punch-drunk and regretting in leisure everything said and done and being tremulous over the repercussions.

Hereinafter, be wary of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Guard your inmost thoughts like diamonds in the safe of your head and ensure that there’s only limited access. The door of one’s mind and heart are sometimes better kept shut than open.


Resolutions Experiencing Untimely Dissolution?

It is only verity that resolutions, promises, relationships and eggs have one thing in common- they can all be broken. And now that we’ve bidden farewell to the yesteryear, we have, perhaps, made none/one/a handful of resolutions; but resolutions are easy to make and easy to break and there’s no two ways about that.

If your resolutions are experiencing premature dissolution, you might get dispirited and cynical of yourself. Then, you might toss all your pledges for the nascent year into the trash can along with your other wasted hopes and futile endeavors.

But, on a more practical note, why do we await the transition of one year into another in order to ameliorate and restructure ourselves? Let me put it out there that I’m not big on the whole “New Year, New Me” notion.

You ask me why?

Here’s why- it’s because I believe that you don’t require the years/months/days/hours/seasons and so forth to change in order for you to do so. Why wait for some distant, propitious day to dawn when every moment of your life is a chance to become someone you should be or someone you never thought you could be?

Every second that turns one moment into another is just as special and magical as the second that changes one year into another. That second- that brief instant at any point of time- is an opportune time to change yourself from the person you are to the person you seek to be.

Never defer resolutions to a later date, because, that date isn’t guaranteed to you just on account of it being on the calendar.

I’ll wrap it up with a rousing statement by Robert J. Braathe: “I don’t believe in New Year Resolutions. I believe in new day or new hour resolutions.”

Thoughts on the Trio of Tenses

The past is a good teacher.

That is one of myriad thoughts that my head is brimming with on the threshold of another year. As the countdown begins, instead of looking forward to the future, I’ve decided to first look back on the past, reminisce and glean from my own experiences.

2014 has been a cocktail that has tasted sweet, sour, bitter etc. It has taught me that the past is a memory and the future is a promise.

There will incontestably be memories we want to retain and memories we want to expunge, things we wish to do and things we think we shouldn’t have done, people who will enter your life and people who will leave it.

Another year is a chance to reinvent- to metamorphose into a better version of ourselves, not by expunging the events of the past, but by using them as templates to shape a future with quality.

The present is a good opportunity.

It separates the past and the future, and it is right now. Tomorrows are never guaranteed, but you’re around today, so number yourself amongst the fortunate folks who have lived/survived to see today.

Today, here and now, you are presented with an ocean of opportunities that might parch tomorrow. If there is something that can be done now, adjourn it not to some other time because in life, there are only two moments we are assured of- the present moment and the moment our internal clock’s mechanism conks.

The future is a sky of possibilities.

Everyone wonders what the hands of the future hold. The element of unawareness is what makes the notion of the future a glowing thought. Where the third tense is concerned, ignorance is bliss indeed.

Some of us eagerly await the arrival of Tomorrow, but Tomorrow is like a guest who promises to come, but sends Today in his stead.

Sundry folks whom health, love and the stars have never favored view the future as bleak from a narrow, limited perspective, but the candle of hope, if carried in the present can illumine the untraveled lane.

Here’s hoping for an adrenaline-packed rollercoaster ride on the brink of 2015.