For what, I ask, do you waste yourself 

Raining on a beautiful canvas while it’s drying?

Decanting your acid into my spring waters? 

Destroying what you haven’t created?
My happiness, does it counteract yours?

Does breaking bridges gratify your appetite for destruction?

(But all you can hope to achieve is a non-calamitous dent.) 
I’m a leaning tower that defies 

The gravity of your acrimoniousness 

That persistently but futilely labors to 

Cause my fall, my breakage. 

But the integrity of my substance 

Exceeds the strength of your pull,

Keeping me from shattering,

Keeping you from triumphing. 
The hand that holds the knife is not

Guaranteed against being cut by its own blade. 

The arm that swings the hammer of destruction

Will itself debilitate, courtesy of its weight. 


2 Incidents Accounting for the Misrepresentation of Children

In the lap of a futon sits she with her lips painted the shade of a rose in full bloom, peep-toe stilettos grace her petite feet, a mild couple of accessories adorn her while her seductive, asymmetrical evening gown, the hue of aging parchment, splays itself across the vacant side of the couch to meet the floor.

Meet Thylane Blondeau, now thirteen, then ten, whose shoot for French Vogue fomented much of an uproar among the Mothers’ Union and Labor MPs who condemned the disturbing “sexualization” of a minor in a magazine that saw the likes of legal adult models.

Born to Patrick Blondeau of Premier League fame and Véronika Loubry, a fashion designer of French origin, Thylane was accustomed to seeing the entrails of the fashion industry, partaking in numerous pageants and shoots with her mother.

As the tornado of controversy was spinning, Véronika took to a social media platform to convey her opinion on things. Stated in the English she was capable of relaying, she said, “Something’s wrong at the moment… I want to protect her from the deepest of my heart… She’s so young, so we are going to close this account for a while…”

Her statement was met with consequential negation as to her heightened concern over the overwhelming critical response rather than her daughter’s actual participation in the suggestive shoot.

Thylane’s modeling career has since skyrocketed positively, her fanpages and social networking accounts having been reactivated with quite a considerable fan-following.

Hemmed in by iron bars, alone except for an unshaven, unwashed alpha male, she roars, she flexes, she dances. Supple and elastic in her every movement. Clad in a one-piece suit that calls for immediate scrubbing, she allows herself to be touched, sometimes picky, sometimes conceding.

It’s not like The Nutcracker or Swan Lake. No. We’re talking electronic music and idiosyncratic vocals accompanied by a ballet routine by a twelve year old who, as the clip implies, is being pursued by her male “counterpart” in a cage.

There is no two ways that the male is dimwitted but persistent at getting what he wants. This video triggered an outrageous response that cited undertones of pedophilia, drawing from the nude costumes donned by 28-year old Shia LaBeouf and 12-year old Maddie Ziegler in Sia’s “Elastic Heart”, with the physicality and the chastisement expressed.

Maddie Ziegler is a veteran dancer in the making who has been training at the Abby Lee Dance Company since 2004 in various forms of dance such as in tap, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, acro, jazz and aerial dance. She is of Polish, German and Italian descent.

In the face of heavy criticism, Sia took to her Twitter account to say: All I can say is Maddie and Shia are two of the only actors I felt could play these two warring ‘Sia’ self states. I [apologise] to those who feel triggered by ‘Elastic Heart’. My intention was to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody.”