For what, I ask, do you waste yourself 

Raining on a beautiful canvas while it’s drying?

Decanting your acid into my spring waters? 

Destroying what you haven’t created?
My happiness, does it counteract yours?

Does breaking bridges gratify your appetite for destruction?

(But all you can hope to achieve is a non-calamitous dent.) 
I’m a leaning tower that defies 

The gravity of your acrimoniousness 

That persistently but futilely labors to 

Cause my fall, my breakage. 

But the integrity of my substance 

Exceeds the strength of your pull,

Keeping me from shattering,

Keeping you from triumphing. 
The hand that holds the knife is not

Guaranteed against being cut by its own blade. 

The arm that swings the hammer of destruction

Will itself debilitate, courtesy of its weight. 


The Art in Authorship 

The scrape of the pointed end of graphite is musicTo a white-knuckled writer who creates art with words. 

The smell of ink-adorned and blotted parchment 

Or parchment untouched by the tip of his quill 

Is to him a perfume finer than the notes compounded in Paris. 
In lieu of floral embellishments, his study is strewn with wads; 

Royal blue and pitch black tributaries make a map on his veteran hand. 
His myopic, bespectacled eyes are like those of the genius jeweler: 

Scrutiny-laden and hypercritical. 

What the lapidary encases in cloth of velvet and a bed of satin, 

He infixes betwixt bindings of vinyl or leather. 
When contentment makes its slow but sure way into his self-scathing mind, 

The man with the callused and dull aching digits knows that he has 

Contributed to humanity a Mona Lisa in words. 
With pen and paper, quill and inkpot, he created art – a magnum opus.