Wee Hours

The celestial salt cellar, overturned,

Sprinkled black velours with pinprick-sized crystals –

Pendants of an asymmetrical chandelier.
Stock-still silhouettes of wooden sentinels 

Mantled head to foot in darkness 

Decorate the horizon yonder.
Like suspended cherub feathers and condensed angel breath

Cloud banks swan across the star-dusted infinity –

Aimless vapor boats in an inverted sea.
Lent light is radiated on a reposing half-earth 

By nighttime’s pearl held by invisible arms of ether

In the overhead blue-black tinted concave oyster.
To the unsleeping eye, wee hours are

Replete with awe that the day hides with light

As well as slumber hides in the achromatic dark. 


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Writer, editor, human being.

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