What Begins Must End

“I always knew after all these years

There’d be laughter, there’d be tears.

I never thought I’d walk away 

With so much joy, but so much pain.”

— Miley Cyrus in “I’ll Always Remember You”

Oddly, our close-knit clique of three times ten and three is growing accustomed to the fact that the sound of a notification and text in a green bubble have supplanted the sound of each voice. 
At dusk today, I was skimming our XII B – Batch of 2016 group chat where string of messages between my best mate, Vishali Bhaskaran, and the occasional jester, Supraja Sundar, caught my eye. 
Vishali said that she didn’t wish to make friends and she just wanted to be like me (because I could be a real recluse if I chose to at school). 
Something about that exchange woke up the mixed sentiments I had been experiencing about school as a mere place and school as an erstwhile home away from home.
So, this was what I said:
We’re both just probably fed up of plastic people and people who float in and out of our lives like the tide. 

All those valedictory speeches were just customary. No one valued anyone. No one respected anyone. There was no integrity. (I’m not saying this solely of XII B.) 

Even I cried buckets on Farewell Day, but I realized that feelings are just like passing clouds – each taking its own time to fade to little and then to nothing
I’m not trying to make some kind of brazen statement or send cryptic messages to whoever is reading just because I am no longer a student there, but Vishali has her point. 
What’s the point of holding on to something you either have to let go of or that will leave of its own will? 

Morose and monotonous as it may sound and seem, we all have to carry on, each with her own life.

One day many things will be all but fleeting memories. 
But I’ll always remember that you guys were the only classmates with and in whom I found acceptance and love.
A story of hellos and goodbyes. Of things we hoped would last forever but ended, of things we hoped would end, but lasted forever. Of relationships and moments bitter and sweet. 
Such is life.


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