How Sweet the Sound that Saved a Wretch like Me

“Who would have thought that a Lamb could rescue the souls of men?” – Selah (Wonderful Merciful Savior)
Everyone- not just every Catholic- is well acquainted with the image or the awe-inducing figure of the Man on the crucifix- His crowned head bloody and bowed, His body livid with bruises and His side perforated with a lance.
Today, as we paid our homage to the Lamb that was slain at Golgotha, I in particular started to conjure up in my head those moments when I beat myself up over people who never loved me while unduly discounting someone who loved me so much as to die for me.
Wallowing in the mire of my own grief caused by people in whose life I never had a place to begin with, I disregarded the Heart that was my home and my hiding place, the Heart that beat only for the love of miserable creatures as myself.
Among the many tribulations of this life, there is but one consolation, one triumph that surmounts our every trial- the death at Calvary- the greatest love story that ever was and ever will be. 
Today is the time to feel that humble pride that stems from the knowledge that we were (and still are) loved by this God made Man who “…like a rose, trampled on the ground,… took the fall and thought of me above all.”


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