An Odyssey of a Dozen Years

(Dedicated to the Higher Secondary staff and the leaving batch of ’16.)

Let me take you back in time when we were once barely three feet off the ground with those distinctive grey pinafores with their cherry-red piping, with little white socks and size-three shoes, with red-ribboned little pigtails or braids, with ludic grins on our faces that sufficed to say that we hadn’t a care in the world.

Fast forward to the present and you’ll know that I’m talking about none other than us, pupils of Class XII, lasses now aged ten and six or ten and seven, poised and mature with our heads held high (but sometimes bent over our books like we’re bearing the weight of the world on our shoulders).

They say it’s the journey that matters more than the destination. Our Alma Mater was not just a scholastic destination; it was a journey through the formative – the most fundamental – phase of our lives.

The principals and the pedagogues were primo when it came to conditioning, catechizing, counseling and comforting the little hearts, minds and souls that were committed to their care.

For promising friendships, foundations were laid; for lightheaded reasons, we had our harlequinades; for the rest of life’s circuit, indelible memories were made.

From morose series of tests to our detours to the canteen, the classes, the corridors and the courts, our gusto when it came to occasionally playing truant for assembly rehearsals and choral recitations; from cooking up excuses about the homework that never got done to those epic actions and reactions when the teachers were either sporting or spoilsports, we’ve tasted and savored every instant.

Rightly is our institution a namesake of St. Joseph, the patron of happy homes and families, because here we were given a home away from home and a family apart from our own.

So dear all, for everything that is yet to be, we are hopeful, but for everything that has been, we are grateful. It’s nearly unthinkable that we have reached the terminus of this most memorable sojourn, but we’re not really saying goodbye. No matter in which nook or cranny of this earth the hand of fate may toss us, we’ll always find our way back home. No matter to what prospective heights we soar, we’ll wistfully and wishfully reminisce our carefree saga “under the green and gold”.

Sincerely yours,
Susanna Marian Correya
(On behalf of the senior most Josephites – Class XII – Batch of ’16)


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