Stability: A Life Lesson from the Atom

They say that life is made up of small things and we don’t need scientific proof for that albeit we do have some.

As is known and proven, the atom, the Lilliputian constituents of the entire macrocosm, comprises of positively and negatively charged particles, both of which are equal in number though disparate in nature. In a nutshell, they are the contributing factors towards stability.

Likewise, human life is also infused with situations both positive and negative. Surfeit of one or the other is good for nothing. An imbalance throws us off balance.

Should our lives be ever overrun with gaiety and indulgent pleasures, we would spare not a nanosecond to comprehend the darker side of it all. On the contrary, if the umbra of unhappiness were to pervade, we would slowly, but surely sink into the mire of despair.

Stability is not rarely found; it is rarely sought after, but one can find it with the succor of another. Just as atoms form covalent bonds and attain a stable configuration by sharing their negative charges, earthlings are also thrown the option to avail of it.

I guess the mystery in Chemistry is slowing beginning to unravel.


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