Holiday Season!

Noon is the new morning because my day now commences at noon. These are the happy-go-lucky days when the sunlight through the drapes has me out of bed in the raucous alarm’s stead. My teeth I can treat like royalty, doting on them like I’m meticulously polishing diamonds. I am laden with a mountain of assignments, but I needn’t keep my nose buried in books like when I am in school. There are no restrictions and no repercussions- only recreation. But why? The answer is simple.

It’s vacation time.

I am officially not bounded by bedtime curfews anymore (not that I heed them otherwise). I have joined the league of vampires- prowling on my couch at night and burying my face in the bosom of my pillow during the day.

Some casual passer-by could mistake my house for an oversized jukebox owing to the perpetual blaring of all types of music around the clock.

The butterflies have taken leave of my infrastructure as I don’t have to be bombarded with terrifying thoughts of time scarcity and homework long overdue.

This is the time for limitless midnight banter with friends on Facebook, to discuss the things on our minds and our plates, to speak of people both loved and detested, to share lame jokes- original, forwarded or plagiarized.

No longer do I want to punch Monday in the face (if it ever existed) or beg Sunday to last a little longer. Mornings are relieved of my half-past-six curses and my schoolbooks are treated by me more civilly.

No more am I verbally prodded to bend my head over a book with my face in my hands. Speaking of my hands, my sausage-skinny digits are not required to ache from death-gripping a pen to practice arithmetic.

Now is the time for me to tick some of the boxes on my bucketlist- getting my feet to touch my head, perfecting my splits, composing more poetry, making the coolest chemistry project, writing plot summaries for Catfish and uploading those and more on Wikipedia, and oh! Blogging, of course!

But it’s not like I want the holidays to last forever because I don’t want school to begin- no. I just want them to last a little longer because this is my final year and I don’t want that to end either. Dilemmas on every side, right?


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12 thoughts on “Holiday Season!”

      1. Yep. Know too many who were self-important. I have 3 phDs. Don’t use them. Got perfect life staying age appropriate. Plus what good are my PhDs when I like “blue collar” jobs? I know I have nothing to prove. I prefer my way of life, and my friends vs. Pseudo-intellectuals who talk about bullshit no one on the planet; not even other pseudo-intelluals listen to. Shut your pie hole. You’re dumb.


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