Fallen From Grace

Being an Indian should evoke an indomitable sense of pride in every citizen, but I dare to say that my every ounce of liking for my native soil has evaporated into thin air. After the devastating desecration of one too many churches, the vandals fueled the fire of rage amongst Christians far and wide.

In my opinion, reacting would be a problem, but acting wisely would be the solution. Words speak louder than actions in this case scenario and this was the response that was elicited from me on a social networking platform:

Dearest Government of ‪‎India‬ (yet again),
The Pledge and the Constitution have been reduced to mere jokes, and I say that seriously. I didn’t think I’d have to write a sophomore stanza expressing my utter shock and dismay over the manner in which our churches are being desecrated and our people are being exploited. It stuns me that this idol-worshipping country maintains cricket stadiums but vandalizes churches, takes major issue over a trivial jibe targeted at a politicians as dirty as the ghetto streets, but remains tight-lipped and indifferent when a religion and its flock are at stake. Are you barbarians, by all these deeds, trying to criminalize our very existence? But know this: you have all fanned the flames of our fury to a fever pitch, yet, we will not avenge. We will not thumb our noses at the founding commandments of our faith that teach us to love and forgive our foes. Our God never retaliated when he was crucified and jeered at. To everyone who has orchestrated or executed such loutish acts, remember that you will have one bloody banquet in Hades waiting for you. You might have broken our churches, but you can never break our Christian spirit.

After all, what would the economic stats, the political ambitions and the education matter when brothers and sisters cannot coexist peacefully in their own home?


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