You Don’t Come with a ‘USE ME’ Sign

You oblige someone so many times that you’ve lost count, but one day, due to circumstances of your own that you choose not to disclose, you politely decline, and then, that person happens to forget the countless times you actually did oblige him all on account of the one time you didn’t.

That’s something most of us- if not all- can resonate with, right?

In life, we’re always caught up in that paradox between pleasing others and displeasing ourselves or pleasing ourselves and displeasing others.

Truth is it does sting when you are looked upon as someone who doesn’t wish to oblige or comply, but there are times when we simply can’t and we have to say no, regardless of the repercussions.

When people regard you as uncouth or disrespectful for declining a request after you obliged them myriad times, it is a lucid indicator that they were just basking in your glory and they feel griped when they can’t. They just saw you as an object that could carry out the desired task to the tee, not as a person who is equally subjected to stress of mind and body.

You are a human being, living to help, but not to be used, made to please others, but not to the extent of displeasing yourself. You aren’t a trash can with a ‘USE ME’ sign appended on your front, so make sure that peeps know that before they wiggle their organs of speech against you.


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