Much More Than Just Handwriting

They say that one’s handwriting is a defining element of one’s character, and if there’s someone who believes that, it’s got to be me.

I was looking for my own signature style, something so distinguishable that it would give away my identity at first glance, and I finally developed it- thin and pointy like the canines of a vampire with the slash on the ‘t’ extending from a point to infinity. Looking at my handwriting is like looking at a cardiograph or a lightning bolt.

You might wonder for what I’m blogging about something like my handwriting. Well, in case the opening sentence slipped your mind, I suggest you read it once more.

People have paid my handwriting numerous compliments and criticisms such as:

  • “It’s so unique. I can tell it’s yours anywhere.”
  • “It’s neat, but I can’t understand it.”
  • “If you write like this, people won’t have the patience to decipher what’s written.”
  • “No one’s going to understand it, so you’d better change it.”

It hit me like a brick to the head one day that my handwriting and my character coincided in more ways than just one. For instance, my quirks and my personality earned me the title of “one of a kind” among my peers and instructresses; my eccentricities and mannerisms are sometimes unfathomable to third persons, just like my handwriting, but I was liked and appreciated all the same.

I’ve decided to never change either my handwriting or my character because though there are people who want me to change it simply because they don’t understand it, there will come along some brilliant few who will care to understand it, be what it may, just because it’s mine and I’m me.

(And yes, that is indeed my handwriting in the image.)


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