Things are Getting “Cheesy” Around Here

Since I have already thrown the spotlight on apples in one of my recent posts, I’d decided to blog about a food item whose taste has long ebbed away from my tongue, but whose savory image has etched itself on my mind.

If you happen to be looking for calcium, protein, phosphorous, fat and a good treat for your taste buds, look no further than cheese! And if you’re looking for a hub that offers you cheese as cheap as candy or as expensive as your whole outfit (don’t dare think for a second that it’s cheesy), you might want to consider booking a flight ticket to France.

France is responsible for introducing to the world four hundred odd varieties of cheese and it is so said that each day of the year is graced by a variety of cheese.

Now we all know that Carolus Linnaeus was the brains behind the Kingdom System of Classification of Organisms, and coincidentally, cheese here has also been painstakingly classified into around eight families that are further subdivided resulting in a whopping 1000 types of cheese.

Said Charles de Gaulle, one-time President of France, “How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”

The type of cheese is characteristic of the region it comes from.

Camembert is a softer variety that was first made in the northern territory of Normandy and surprisingly enough, it has its own signature packaging—round, wooden containers fashioned from poplar. Suitable if your jaws are tired and your tongue requires the rest it deserves.

Emmental is a harder variety that traces its birth back to its namesake city, Emmental in Switzerland, however, variations of this medium-hard variety had evolved in France. This type is preferable for those whose jaws could use a good workout with the mastication.

And now let’s add some color to our platter, shall we? Our Frenchmen- along with our microscopic companions Penicillum, are also credited with the original production of Bleu d’Auvergne, veined cheese as some folks like to call it with its characteristic pungent taste.

I don’t know if writing this was a good idea, because now that I have, the thought of cheese and the sight of cheese (from the image) make me want to rob cattle and start my own dairy farm (no kidding!).

A Frenchie would understand!


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