Raindrops and Teardrops

The tears of the clouds- which are like the innumerable eyes of the blue skinned sky- descend like splinters that assault the earth’s soil. The breath of the wind has turned aromatic. Crescendo- the intensity of the falling tears is deepened as they glide across the veins of the uneven roads.

The gusts of cool air are sources of relief from the sweltering, merciless streaks of the sun that ray out around the fiery golden orb of the daytime sky.

As the torrential downpour ebbs away, the dainty shrubbery partners the invisible wind for a slow, rhythmic dance.

Now that the atmosphere is hushed, the nocturnal species chant their odes into the night.

When the tears of the clouds fall, people admire them and see beauty. When human tears fall, they go unnoticed. They might never be as loud as the spatter of the rain against the concrete, but the heart is smaller than the sky to hold so much inside of it.


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