Physics Coincides with Life, You Know?

Call me a physics geek if it so pleases you, but there are a few laws and phenomena that I couldn’t help but notice that our lives are sort of patterned on. Of course, given that physics is the science of all things observable and measurable.

  • Newton’s Third Law of Motion

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

I’ll bet my boots it wasn’t just an apple to the head that caused our wisecrack to postulate that. We’re all star witnesses to the fact that one deed is reciprocated with another, only a contrary one. The occasional bad for good, indifference for concern, a willing ear for a cold shoulder and the like. The not-so-uncommon exception to that rule is when you get more of what you actually gave.

  • Hooke’s law of elasticity

The strain produced in a body is directly proportional to the stress that produces it.”

A shout out to all of you who know what that feels like. And the thing about elasticity is that it is so equable with us mortals. When a body is deformed, it can be restored until and unless it is stretched beyond “breaking point” after which, restoration to its prototype is unfeasible. Need I elucidate further? Don’t think so. The law speaks for itself, I think.

  • Newton’s first law of motion

“Every body remains in a state of rest unless compelled by an external agency to change that state…”

I might not have quoted him to the hilt, but well, that is what it says, at least in part. This one is especially true of students who are subject to the prods of their “well-wishers” who take note of their consistency in being lazy and therefore act in lieu of the “external agency” that supposedly “changes” that state of rest or the state of laziness as I would rather put it.

There’s a lot more: for instance, the oscillation between happiness and heartache, the center of gravity around whom you center your existence, the tension that isn’t just felt at the surface, the potential in you that is yet to be converted into kinetic, the trajectory you’re on, the attraction and repulsion you feel and the light years it might take you to understand why I’d ever want to write something like this.

Maybe now I’ve figured out why it’s dubbed a life science.



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