An Unlikely Pairing

It’s not everyday that one’s eyes are treated to the sight of a seagull and a cow bonding.

A typical afternoon for me involves staring at nothing or burying my nose in a school textbook, but this one gave me reason enough to dart for the camera.

Before I aimed the lens, I stood awhile to register their high jinks. Wherever the horned beast went, the milky winged bird followed suit, capering. The cow was treated to an occasional prod to its snout and this gesture was reciprocated with a light shove that the gull daftly sidestepped.

The unlikely pair then trotted across my compound in the quest for a fresh patch of turf, spotting which, they feasted, following which the gull unfolded its awe-inspiring wings and defied gravity by taking off, and then, it all comes down to the snapshot I captured in which we see two very dissimilar but very compatible creatures.

If only we could see humans like this more often!


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