Sweet Sixteen It Is!

Well, it’s officially another year I’ve been stomping on the face of the earth. I’m finally sixteen.

Think sixteen, and you think all things sweet. I don’t think I’m going to ramble in this post and make it verbose, so, I’ll just highlight the perks of being young and effervescent, or in one word, sixteen!

  • It’s raining love!

It’s the most gratifying thing to know that people value your presence and are happy that you’re alive and kicking. You might hear them saying things they genuinely feel about you and a postscript, you might be on cloud nine before you know it.

  • Gifts… Who could do without them?

Let’s just say that I received a couple of thoughtful gifts today from thoughtful friends, but come to think of it, my greatest gifts are the people I have in my life right now to show me how to live it everyday and make not one day, but every single one of my entire life special. Those are priceless gifts that I could never and would never trade for anything in the macrocosm.

  • Life is priceless

Maybe God could have made me a kitty or a tree or a rock, but He, in His infinite wisdom and love made me His own. Being human and being alive are the most beautiful and rewarding things ever. Each year, I number myself amongst the fortunate who have something worth celebrating- life.

So, that comes from me, who is now a year older- and maybe wiser.


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