“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.” — Virginia Woolf

Silence is punctuated by gentle atmospheric disturbance, so also, peace is mingled with friction to create a bittersweet concoction that we all drink from the cup of life at one point in our life or another.

On beholding a gentle stream, it can be noted that while there is an aura of serenity about the smoothness of the flow, draw your attention to the obstacles interspersed along the way. This is ample evidence that tranquility has to be tested in order for us to not wrongly deem it ubiquitous for us to bask in it and never get a taste of trials and travails.

Peace is frequently sought after and seldom found. It is searched for by eager hearts and minds who believe her to dwell in the solitude of caverns in the wilderness off the beaten track, or the ravines in the hub of exhaustive massifs.

But, even a phantasm of peace will not prevail if one’s own mind and heart are not ready to cultivate it. Peace has to bide within oneself, if one wishes to share it with another.

External forces will try to tear away the internal armor of peace from you; it might get tainted owing to transitory blows from the assailant which will testify to the strength of the bearer to hold his inner serenity.


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