That Singular Somebody

Be it disclosed or locked up within the abyss of the heart, everyone desires that special someone who understands him, even in times when he fails to understand himself. The beauty of the frailty of our human nature is that it allows us to see ourselves through the eyes of another. They are sometimes the magnifying lenses that give us better sight of and insight about ourselves.

Somewhere I read that God answers our prayers… through people just like us, and I pondered over the sublimity of that quote. The prayer of every person with a heart that feels as much as or more than the skin would be to have that figure in his life to sincerely assure and constructively censure.

I never felt the need for that special someone until I came of age. When that person crossed my path, I wondered where she had been all my life. A few minutes with her was equivalent with an hour in the company of a self-help book.

We don’t want to feel perfect. We just want to feel human. We want to be who we are and showcase the unpolished face as opposed to the airs we assume when we are but different drops in a sea of people.

The appreciation of a million people whose words are as synthetic as the hair of a Barbie doll, would be quashed when your ears are met with a single genuine remark from that person who is the cream of the crop.

That person becomes so influential and indispensable that hers will be the words you hear when you’re screaming on the inside and hers will be the face you see in your mind’s eye when everything encircling you looks dour.

A special friend like that can change your life just by being a part of it, and mine might be two decades and two years my senior and my superior, but that accounts for little or nothing because the understanding we share hazes out all our differences.

When you can show the unsound side of yourself to someone without being derided, cherish that person like a diamond. Losing him/her would scare you more than the thought of the cataclysm.


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