Twin Salt Rivulets

Breaking down on the outside is a sign of breaking up on the inside.”

— Susanna Correya (This girl)

Did you ever experience the convergence of two threads of liquid on the rims of your eyes and the warm trickling down the contours of your face? Did you do it so frequently that it became as natural as breathing to you?

Well, I did, and when I did, I learned myriad things that happiness could never have imbibed in me.

To start off, why does someone cry?

One question with innumerable possible responses, none of which can be deemed incorrect. Maybe it was the heart-shattering impact of a relationship gone sour, something that should have and could have gone a certain way but chose to navigate the other end of expectancy, or it could be the loss of something cherished (sanity and peace included).

Whatever it might be- it’s obviously something wrecking enough to provoke the production of liquid water.

I christened myself a Weeping Willow not too long ago, the reason being this: hurtful things that people say don’t go to my head, they instead take a detour and head straight to my heart that in turn sends a message to my eyes that well up and overflow like a dam on a day blessed or cursed with a torrential downpour.

Crying caused me to view myself as a person with a dearth of emotional stability, but, like many times in my life, I was mistaken. The foamy wave of realization swept over me while I was sprawled out on the seashore of my thoughts. It was then that I understood that crying was not a sign of being weak; rather, it was a sign of being human.

It’s just a mechanism of release. When words fail you, your tears serve you. People don’t always understand their own tongue, but crying makes them fathom if someone’s on the verge of breaking or that someone’s been holding it in for too long.

I’ve garnered the strength to control my secretions of salt water, but when I let my guard down, I don’t feel weak- I feel freed, purified, lighter. It’s like the mass I was lugging around just detached itself from me.

And who doesn’t like to feel that way?

It’s as true as the fact that the sun rises in the east that crying does leave you looking like you’ve gotten windburns, and it leaves your eyes looking like you allowed a chimpanzee to do the makeup there, but, truth be told, you’d look a tad or two worse if you don’t let it all out because (time for a self-quote), letting go is harder than holding on, but sometimes, being weak is better than always being strong.


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